beginning this post i like you to ask you some questions for you to think about

  • Do you know someone with Dyspraxia?
  • Are you aware the condition exists?

Thousands of children, teenagers and adults have to cope with it every day of their life including me.

what is Dyspraxia i hear you say and how does it affect you

What is Dyspraxia?

from the dyspraxia foundation

“Dyspraxia is generally recognized to be an impairment or immaturity of the organization of movement. Associated with this may be problems of language, perception and thought. Other names for dyspraxic include Clumsy Child Syndrome; Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD); Minimal Brain Dysfunction: Motor learning Difficulty; and Pereceptuo-motor Dysfunction.”

how does it affect someone:-

  • i have sometimes have problems with coordinate and balance (while at school i had problems catching a ball and learning to tie my shoe laces or tie took a long time. i also use to trip over my own feet alot)
  • I have some of the problems common to Dyslexia e.g. spelling
  • i sometimes i am unaware i am a 3d object and also can not tell if someone is behind me wanting to get past me
  • sometimes i am overly sensitive to loud music and can not block other people conversations out of my head
  • i also have very bad sort term memory (when i put something down i lose it, i have to write everything down)

but there is a good side to this, being I have a good IQ, even if some things in your brain let you down

for more information check out

famous people with Dyspraxia

Ernest Hemingway, The Brontë sisters, Daniel Radcliffe and Jack Kerouac