“To the Watcher…” You see it happening, to a friend, an acquaintance, to a passer by. You see what is taking place but you stop, hesitate, are unsure whether or not to say or do anything. You wonder whether what you say or do will even help or will it just lead you into a […]

Responding to the bullies

check out these videos of people responding to their childhood bullies and proves that “A small comment in such a short period of time can stick with you.” into adulthood, the videos also contain some cool wisedom for people who are being bullied Like the people in this video I was bullied at school I […]

10 Traits of Mentally Strong People

onlinecounsellingcollege: 1. They are able to stay calm, and maintain self-control. 2. They have clear boundaries between themselves and other people. 3. They respect their own and others’ boundaries. 4. They don’t become defensive, or feel completely crushed, when someone is critical of them or their work. 5. Where appropriate … they are able to […]

Researchers Identify Three Shades of Blue

neurosciencestuff: According to the World Health Organization, nearly 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression and these rates are on the rise. Yet, doctors and scientists have a poor understanding of what causes this debilitating condition and for some who experience it, medicines don’t help. Scientists from the Neural Computational Unit at the Okinawa Institute […]

ALPHA Course and Nicky Gumbel testimony

ALPHA Course Pioneer Nicky Gumbel talks about how he became a christian and the ALPHA course Have you got questions that need answering about christian faith and Jesus then check out this link to find your nearest ALPHA course check out these links Uk –https://alpha.org.uk/try USA – https://alphausa.org/try Canada – https://www.alphacanada.org/try/ Australia – https://australia.alpha.org/try Other […]